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Name:i need a sweet little talking to
Birthdate:Jul 25
Location:Oklahoma, United States of America
Website:Past Tense @ happierendings

Kelly (causeways) is my favorite, which you'll know because she talks about me all the time. :P Also, she has her own tag.

If you're looking for me in multiple mediums, I can also be found over at dreamwidth, which is shiny and PINK.

My mood theme is by rollin_on. Layout by fruitstyle, tweaked to my comfort.

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aliens, alliance against morons, american idol, apocafic, apocalyptic doom, arthur, backpacking, bebo norman, blackhawks, blogging, blue, books, boys touching, brain twins, brent seabrook, buffy the vampire slayer, c.o. bigelow lip gloss, caedmon's call, cheap vodka, cheese, christmas, chuck, david archuleta, david cook, david hewlett, dean winchester, death cab for cutie, directing other people's lives, doctor who, dorks in love, duct tape, duncan keith, eames, easter, edie carey, epic bromances, epic fantasy, fantasy, fellowship of the ring, five for fighting, geno malkin, gilmore girls, happy endings, hockey, hot men crying, hot men with accents, inception, jared padalecki, jensen ackles, joe flanigan, joey fatone, jonathan toews, jordan eberle, , kelly, knitting, lip gloss, lord of the rings, many chaptered stories, mcshep, merlin, metal sporks, mocking people, music, nathan fillion, oilers, other stuff, painting, patrick kane, patrick sharp, penguins, permanent markers, pink, plastic utensils, pop, psych, reading, rent, rodney mckay, rosie thomas, ryan nugent-hopkins, sam winchester, science fiction, sidney crosby, silvercharmer, slash, sports night, standard transmission, star trek xi, starbucks, stargate atlantis, stargate sg-1, stargate: atlantis, straight dudes in bromances, supernatural, taylor hall, tess, the breakfast club, the last unicorn, the princess bride, the shins, thigh holsters, time lords, tlc, tracedays, trees, veggie tales, wreaking havoc, writing, x-files, zombies
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